February 6, 2013

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I look around and think what if each of us were more warrior like in our day to day living? What if we could do more for ourselves? What if we were more responsible for our own safety and provisions? What if perfection of what we do as people and our character were paramount? What if respect and honor were integral to how we deal with one another?

As I see it, the life of a warrior is about elevating and developing the very best virtues a human being can attain. It is about liberating ourselves and developing the ability to think and act confidently with autonomy. The warrior’s mindset I think is the best vehicle we have to train ourselves to deal with life’s challenges.

We have let the government, the faux gurus and the media tell us what we ought to be, instead of finding out how truly powerful each of are and what it means to be a force for good. Who are they to lecture the rest of us about money, morality, preparedness, success, gun control, security, or privacy?

Why is society at large in decline when we have so much at our disposal? We have more information than we know what to do with along with everyone’s opinion about that information. We have more government in our lives today and we are still spiraling into debt and tyranny. We claim to be the most enlightened people with all of our science and religion, yet we cannot cure what ails us.

It maybe that we have too much at our disposal and we have become paralyzed in our ability to make decisions and act rationally.

I know for certain that when I look at myself I see my weaknesses, my flaws, my sins, and even darkness within. I see what is in me and I know I can do better. Time is short and there is a warrior in me and in you that needs to be roused.

What do you see?

Post by Chris Harris @ Between the TemplesImage credit: Daniele Zedda


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