March 4, 2013


Something that drives me crazy and disturbs me is the victim mentality that is so prevalent today.

It is so clearly seen right now in public policy and discourse. People are being told its not their fault that their life is in the state it is in. Someone else is responsible for that because they are powerful, rich or racist.

Even the gun debate reveals an attempt to program the public with the victim mentality where we are expected to believe government and law enforcement will protect us if we give up our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Firearms like cars are tools of autonomy that can be used to promote and facilitate self-reliance and independence. But it is your mind that is the weapon and it has to be primed with the idea of being able to rely on yourself more than others for what needs to be done.

While self-reliance has its challenges and its not the easiest path to walk, it’s a foreign concept to me to want or expect someone else to provide for my personal protection or transportation. Yet this is the norm for so many who are happy to vote into office people who promise security and protection but cannot deliver either.

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” ~Ben Franklin

I do not have a military or law enforcement background. I am not an MMA bad ass, nor am I an elite gunslinger. But I happily take responsibility for my own security and protection using my own money, time, and resources to procure training and tools that will allow me to protect myself and those around me.

I don’t really care to bring the media or politics into my blog, but there is an undeniable and strong connection between the victim mentality and what is happening in media and government today. Victimhood is being foisted upon us by an ever willing media and an ever growing government that wants to enslave us to fear.

They want us to believe that we cannot take care of ourselves without their help.

Believing you are the victim of anything is the antithesis of being a warrior. Thinking in terms of being a victim is about giving up control for yourself and your own life. The warrior’s mindset is about acceptance that challenges will come, and then being willing to rise and conquer those challenges.

Thinking in terms of being a victim is what emasculates the rugged nature of men and denigrates the natural strength and dignity of women. The victim’s mindset is what makes people fearful and blind; it causes many to be petulant and utterly stupid when living in the fear that comes from thinking and acting like a victim.

The victim mentality that is so frequently encouraged in society today is directly related to people harboring unnatural fears and the inability to think for themselves. Many of those unnatural fears are promulgated by bureaucrats,  public education, mainstream news anchors and movie stars. Its effect is to cower us into a corner thinking as people who cannot take care of ourselves. Fear is what makes people vulnerable to letting others think for them.

The more we allow others to crowd us with their offers to help or rule our lives, the more we relegate our warrior instincts to the back seat. We give up on ourselves and become cracked, weakened vessels because we allow someone or some group to handle our thinking for us- telling us how to live, how to act, how to eat…. how to be sheep.

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” ~Bruce Lee

The end result of fear and victimhood is people act out of emotion and cling to anything that seems like a solution to their insecurity and lack of protection. Fear breeds more fear. Its why the more reasoned and less afraid among us are frequently astounded at the utter ridiculous statements, legislation and solutions coming out of Washington D.C.

Gun free zones anyone?

If you aren’t already on the path to awaken the sleeping giant within you, then its time to start. Start small and work your way up little by little. Train, learn to be prepared, develop the warrior’s mindset, root out weakness and find ways to break away from dependency on people and programs.

Living the life of a warrior is hard work, but it will develop confidence and self-worth that no person or government will ever be able to give you, or take away.

Post by Chris Harris @ Between the TemplesImage credit: Alyssa L. Miller

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